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BH Cosmetics- Carli Bybel Palette Review and swatches. (Dark Skin/WOC Friendly)

Hey Guys, It's your girl Mollz back again with another beauty related post (I promise to get back to fashion posts after I'm finished with these ghastly exams)

Today's post is a review of a palette that lies very close to my heart, for two main reasons actually. One, because it was curated by the one and only Carli Bybel who is one of my all time favourite youtubers/bloggers/influencers. Being a blogger myself you really won't find me literally fan girling over many other blogger YouTubers, no matter how big or small I am, except maybe a small handful. Carli Bybel makes up the majority of that handful lol. Point number two, this palette contains some of the best eyeshadows and highlights that I have ever bought or been sent by brands and when I tell you I use this palette every single day I wear makeup, you would think I was lying or exaggerating. I promise you I am not.

So what is so special about this palette I hear you ask... well, this palette contains 10 eyeshadow and 4 Highlight shades in it which is fantastic for a palette that is only $14.50/ £10.17 (it was $12.50/£8.77 when I bought it) and the highlights are probably the most pigmented highlights I own (high and low end). 

Palette Breakdown.

so like I mentioned earlier there are 10 eyeshadow colours in this palette...

these colours are beyond beautiful and are super pigmented. The swatches are in order of how they are presented in the palette, in te first row there are some really cool highlight colours... due to my skin tone I tend to skip the first colour (bone-toned colour) but needless to say there are plenty of other colours that I can use so I'm not too fussed and to be honest there are some uses the shade could have such as a super SUPER intense browbone highlight, or a supercool matte inner corner highlight. The next shade is UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous and this is definitely the shade that I love using in my inner corner. From watching Carli's Videos I think this is one of her personal faves too as she often uses it to highlight her nose. the next three are my favourite mattes in the palette, The purpley mauvey shades make me so happy because I personally find purple a lot more flattering and stand out more on my skin tone, so I can do a really cute everyday natural look but the purple makes it a little different to your average natural eye makeup look. Also, the deep purple adds so much depth to my eye  makeup which I love, its probably the shade I reach for the most in the entire palette because in every makeup look, no matter what palette I'm using, I always end up using that purple shade in my crease. the next row of the palette contains majority shimmery shades which make really good all over the lid or browbone/inner corner shades. My favourite one of the shimmery shades has got to be the duo chrome pinky gold colour, 6th swatch (it looks so pretty on the lid omg)... so that's the eyes done, I'm so sorry if I was waffling.

excuse my messy room, and this is a picture of my second palette (yes I bought 2 because this palette is literally life.) my first palette looks like a hot mess and really should not be viewed by the general public... probably for the greater good of society to be honest.

Okay, so this palette contains 4 highlights which are all pretty different shades, which is perfect which means there is a colour in this palette for everyone of every skin tone and if you find there's a shade that doesn't work as a highlight for you, it's cool, use it as an eyeshadow! so I personally use the last 3 highlights, yes all of them but my go to combo is te 3rd highlight topped with the second one for a gorgeous "highlight popping" type of look and I adore using the first highlight on my inner corner as a highlight and the last shade to highlight my collarbone because it looks absolutely stunning on my complexion.

not even going to try and defend myself... these swatches are awful, I'm so sorry y'all.

so I've been waffling alot in this blog post, but its because I'm literally so obsessed with this palette. I really need to try out some more products from BH cosmetics as the pigmentation of this palette is unreal for such an affordable product, and can I just add a humongous thankyou to Carli Bybel for creating such a beautiful palette, definitely my personal holy grail palette.

Thats's all from this post, catch you in my next one! Molly x

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