Monday, 14 November 2016

Duvet Day


Its been the longest time since I've posted any decent fashion related content and it feels like a whole entire DECADE since my last fashion blog post. But GUESS WHO'S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER?!

The other day I was chatting to my home girl Zeena Xena and she convinced me to do a shoot day with her, and so here's the outcome of that.

This outfit I am literally obsessed with. Recently, I've been all about comfort. Whilst I do enjoy to look good, I believe my style has evolved in such a way that I can now dress in clothing that I find super comfortable, but still dress in a way that I believe would look good. This H&M jacket was the closest thing I could find to a wearable duvet and I was obsessed with the way it looked with the dusty pink bardot dress.

The socks and sliders just added to the whole comfortable vibe and I loved how the colour scheme of the footwear matched the colour scheme of the coat.

Jacket: H&M- Similar Here
Dress: Primark- Similar Here
Slides: Fenty x Puma 
Socks: Primark

Hopefully this is the first fashion post of many,
Stay Real,

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