Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Freya Lingerie* Set You Need In Your Life.

Hi Guys,
It's your girl Mollz back again with another blog post.
today's post is about something a little bit different, but after makeup it is my favourite thing ever... Lingerie.

so last week I was invited along to the Wacoal Group Pressday in London and whilst I was there I was gifted this beautiful Lingerie Set by one of their brands Freya which is a super cool brand that has Lingerie is such a HUGEEEE Range of sizes, and being a lass that has a slightly unconventional bra size (I can never find my actual size, 30 D in hight street stores) this is perfect for me. So when before the babes at the Wacoal Press day gifted me the set they measured me to ensure they were giving me the right sized bra, it turns out I'd been selling myself dreams about my size and apparently I'd been wearing the wrong bra size, it turns out I'm not the size I initially thought (30C, but actually, I am a 30 D.. tmi tmi tmi i know) but I think its really important to wear the right sized bra, especially as a young woman of similar age to myself as its quite possible that your body is still developing and all that jazz. After I was measured, I was given a choice of some super cute bras to choose from, but to me this one just stole the show. The super rich blue just compliments my skin so perfectly. its definitely the perfect "my man will enjoy" set.

The bra is called: The Hero Side Support Plunge Bra and you can buy it Here

okay, so thats all for this post, a huge thank you to the baes at Wacoal and Freya for gifting me this bomb lingerie set!

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  1. So cute! I really love all of them as it just looks so cosy!