Wednesday, 7 December 2016



So I'm seeing some progress in my consistency, here I am with yet another fashion post. Look at me, I'm on a roll.

So today's look is continuing my little theme of being overly comfortable I decided I wanted to wear a more monotonous outfit. I came across this super soft Yeezy Style blushed nude jumper from primark and I've been looking for an excuse to wear this super form fitting camel form fitting dress. Also these Missguided slide on creepers have been everything to me lately, definite comfort queen essential to be honest.

I'm obsessed with nude tones this season as I think the colour just looks so sleek and timeless and also camel tones and jersey material just go together like peanut butter and jam (I'm british please don't judge me). As the comfort queen I'm obsessed with jersey material so it only makes sense that I'd be obsessed with nude tones also.

Initially I decided to keep, it comfortable and roll with my creepers but Zaineb convinced me that this outfit would be next level with a kiss of perspex, she wasn't wrong to be honest. She lent me her super cute perspex mules by Simmi shoes (which I really need to purchase for myself because damnnnnnnn) and I think they just took the outfit from a 8.5 to an 11.

Dress - Love Remi - Similar Here
Crop Jumper- Primark- Similar Here
Creepers- Missguided- Here
Perspex Mules- Simmi- Here

Make sure you check out Love Remi for some amazing figure hugging dresses and outfits made of super high quality material and a massive thank you to the peeps behind the brand fpr semding me this dress, I'm literally obsessed with it.

I'm quite impressed with myself for managing to do this second post, I seriously hope I can keep this up.
I'll catch you later guys, Stay Real.

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