Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mr Bean*, My New BAE.

Hi Guys, Its been a minute since I posted so I thought I would post my review on Mr Bean, Coffee bean scrub. The babes at Mr Bean were lovely enough to send me The scrub for free. I was super excited about this because I've been wanting to try a coffee scrub for the absolute longest time!

so the scrub arrived in this cute little box, which conveniently gave me a little bit of insight to the personality that is Mr Bean.

The scrub I received was Mandarin flavoured, and I kid you not, it totally smelt like Terry's Chocolate orange, I was literally in heaven.

so after reading all about Mr Bean, I decided to put him to the test, see if he had any bite to back up his bark.

It turns out, Mr Bean is very much worth the hype, after only one scrub I could instantly feel the difference, I just felt so much cleaner, it was probably psychological more than anything but I just felt so refreshed. what was actual concrete fat is that my skin was genuinely softer after I used the scrub and a lot of my dead skin was washed away, which is always nice, also My skin felt sooooooo moisturised afterward. Usually you'll see me frantically grasping for my towel before making a mad dash across the house in order to get some moisturiser on my skin before I completely changed races. After scrubbing with Mr Bean, I had a more leisurely approach towards moisturising and I didn't even use as much moisturiser as I would normally use. Im definitely going to be rendezvous-ing with Mr Bean a lot more often that's for sure. 

that's all for this post my lovelies,
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Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x


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