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NEW: Sleek Lip VIP* // Whimsical Wonderland Collection (Review and Swatches)

Hi Guys, it's your girl Mollz back again with another blog post. This one is all about Sleek MakeUp's new release in the Lip VIP range, From the new whimsical wonderland collection

The other day I was invited along the launch party of the Sleek Whimsical wonderland collection and in the Goody Bag I was given to take home I received a number of quite cool goodies that I intend to show you guys. The first set of products I want to show you guys is the new Lip VIP shades that were released as part of the collection!

So, there are 3 new shades; Hot Tottie, Fancy Pants and Big Shot (shade names are respective of the above picture btw)

Hot Tottie - this is a hot pink shade that would definitely add a bright pop of colour to a lot of makeup looks

Fancy Pants - this is a corally orange shade that despite my initial reaction of fear, I'm sure could suit a fair amount of skin tones provided a darker liner is used. this goes for all three shades in all honesty

Big Shot - this is probably my favourite of the three shades, its the most gorgeous lilac colour, I'm not certain what colour lip liner would make this look good on my skin tone, but I love it anyway.

I'm not too sure this range is really aimed at women of my skin tone and similar/darker in all honesty as none of these colours are very women of colour friendly and if they were to be worn without a darker lip liner, they have the potential to look very clownish.

The swatches above show that on my skin tone the Lipsticks are quite patchy which is quite annoying and because I had to build the product up to make it opaque the product is very very far from matte. even without building up the product I would have to disagree with the claim of the product being semi matte

before writing this blog post I saw a few posts by caucasian women and the swatches of the lipstick on them looked absolutely beautiful which is fantastic, but I find this all very dissapointing. Sleek is a brand that people like myself and other WOC were buying from out local hair shop back in the day, it was the WOC that were sleek's main market and now the products sleep are releasing don't even cater to us any more, When it comes to Sleek Make Up I'm usually a ride or die type of lass, but unless they step up their game when it comes to catering to their ORIGINAL audience AS WELL AS their new found audience, I might just have to let them go, which would be a shame. 

if a rep from Sleek ever ends up reading this post, Guys, please remember where you came from and your original supporters.

I will be reviewing the other two items in the whimsical wonderland collection very soon so stay tuned for those posts!

The Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection launches June 1st in Boots, Super Drug & online at Sleek Makeup. 

That's all for this post and I will catch you on the flip side homies, Mollz.

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