Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Hello again!

So this summer I made a video to enter a competition Westfield London were hosting called #FASHIONHAPPY. I made my video based on the things I like to wear and what makes me happy clothing and expression-wise (you see that's not even a word but I'm Molly so I can make words up tbh) although I didn't win I did get 3 missed calls from an unknown number the day after the closing date (literally no one calls me so you understand my dilemma between accepting that I lost and thinking what if I had just picked up my phone?) I think maybe I should answer my phone more often and try not to throw away the chance of winning a £2000 gift card. But anyway I really enjoyed the process of making this video and I thought I should share it with my lovely blog readers. Also let me know if you think its a good idea to make some videos along with my blog, I find the video making process so fun and I would be nice to make a couple more to be honest. but anyway back on focus, as they say in the cinematic world...
(I don't think they actually say that tbh)

Anyway that is my #FASHIONHAPPY video I really hope you enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed making it.
Let me know what makes you fashion happy via twitter, instagram and snapchat!
P.S. to my blogging sensei Leomie, I'm trying to cut down the writing but its just so difficult! x
Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x

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