Monday, 8 December 2014

Autumn Favourites: Jewellery

The It's that time of year when autumn is winding down and you can no longer hope for an unexpectedly warm Indian summer type day and have to deal with the vicious and unrelenting freezing cold. I thought, as my second favourite season draws to a close, why don't I treat my lovely blog readers to an autumn favourites series?! This shall be a 5 part series consisting of jewellery, beauty, lifestyle, clothing, and accessories. I'm really excited about this mini blog series and  I should be uploading a new post every day this week, which is nice considering I haven't posted in a while. The series is going to be full of surprises and I hope you log in and stayed tuned to see them, but anyway I think I should stop rambling now.

My first jewellery fave is just a set of gold bangles, I find the colour gold oh so autumnal, it complements the Orange, yellow, reddy brown hues so well.

Now I love this bracelet because number one it's an owl, and Owls are cuter than life itself, and also it's gold *insert sassy Sally emoji right here*
I love this ring a lot, I bought it at a jewellers shop in India this summer for about £16 after bartering it down from 3500 rupees, definitely a life achievement because that Jeweller was actually having none of it.

These are my favourite earrings in the world I got them from super drug about 5 years ago, and they have been my favourite pair ever since, you can tell because I haven't lost them shockingly enough, and yes I have even almost lost my own body, in a very odd rock scrambling incident, but let's not go into that, it's far too traumatic.

This is a necklace I bought from a shop called tantrum London in Westfield Stratford city and I love it. It  is just a simple chrm necklace that makes my neck look much nicer on a day where I can't stand it being bare. It has a small pink stone on it and the charm on the clasp says "love" and maybe it works who knows because ever since I've started wearing it I've met the best people that I know I will love and care about for a long long time.

Next is another piece I got in India, however, this was not from a jeweller but in fact from my bae the bangle man, it's honestly the best 20 rupees I have ever spent. Yeah you read that right 20 rupees, equivalent to approximately 21pence :)
I wear this literally everywhere for every occasion with everything.

Sorry for onslaught of selfies, I feel like you get the picture.

Bangle man, I salute you.

So that's it from my jewellery autumn favourites, (shout out to my trusty rock I picked up in the middle of nowhere) (okay Middlesbrough but still that's pretty darn far from home) I hope you liked it, but before you go I have a surprise...


There will be 2 winners and you will each be winning a charm necklace each and a pack of my trusty bangles, all you need to do is at least one of the following, the more you do the more entries you will have and the better your chance of winning, 

1. I will be tweeting a tweet and pinning it on my profile, retweet and favourite there's 2 entries
2. Tweet using the hashtag #poppedamollyx and there's another one
3. I Will be posting a picture on  Instagram like it and comment and there's another two entries
4. Repost the picture and use the hashtag #poppedamollyx also tag me 2 more entries 
5. Lastly follow my blog and there is the final 3 entries 

So in total you have 10 entries you can obtain so happy entering.
The give away shall end in 2 weeks time, so on Monday 22nd of December 
Good luck!

Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x

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