Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Autumn Favourites: Clothing

I Promised you guys a series a while back, why I'm only just posting the rest now I have no clue, but anyway here is my clothing Autumn Faves, even though it is full blown winter now I thought some of these pictures might serve as decent Inspo for the transitional months, Feb and March between winter and Spring.

this is my favourite sweat shirt of all time, my vintage Tigger jumper. this is a 'thrifted' piece that I got from Mile End Vintage store last December and honestly it is my best £1 spent to date.
The colour of this Jumper just makes me so happy, I pair it with my leather pinafore for the easiest autumn outfit. Its on of my favourite outfits I must admit, but also I just wear it on its own and it looks just as good paired with a nice pair of jeans, and I don a black vest underneath just cause its a bit chilly to be flashing ones midriff in mid autumn.
please do not ask why I'm presenting that drifter bar, LOL. at least my braids look good and my Lizzard looks cute af.
 next thing is actually my leather pinafore, Its an autumn staple for me, pair with some OTK socks and combat boots and you're good to go.
I would've scribbled out my face but that's unprofessional :(
crazy throw back session right now.
 anyway my next fave item has got to be my misguided 'holiday shorts' as I like to call them. I call them this because they're so short you should only be able to get away with them on holiday, I wear them anyway *sassy sally*
The Colour and fit of them is so flattering I just can't deal.
 These Trousers have got to be my autumnal staples, they are the primark ultras soft super skinny coloured trousers in Raspberry, Chocolate and Mustard respectively. they just remind me of Autumn leaves for some reason.
final Autumnal Clothing Fave has got to be these maroon/burgundy shorts. burgundy is my favourite colour for A/W and these shorts are not only Burgundy, but also High waisted, as in nice High waist that makes your waist look tiny and your ass look colossal. - in the words of big Sean.
 That's all from my Autumn Faves: Clothing, feel free to contact me for links or stores to get particular items from.

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Lots of love, 
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