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What Would Molly Buy? | Boxing Day on a Budget

Hello My lovlies, Its finally here, my boxing day haul. for those of you that know me personally, you know I love to shop. like more than life itself, but recently I've come to realise I spend far too much money on clothing and food. and I thought to myself I really do not need anymore clothing if I'm being honest... but of course I got some because SALES! anyway I decided to give myself a challenge. Not only do I love to shop, but I also like to think of myself as a world class bargain hunter, so my challenge was, should I choose to accept it... spend only £70, and buy nothing more expensive than £10. obviously me being me I aced the challenge and only spent £65.80, but even better, I managed to get 36 items! and believe it or not these items are actually really good quality and I cant wait to start wearing and using them!


Lumiere Eyes Felt Tip Eye Liner 3 Pack, (Blue, Brown, Black) - £3

Allura Angled Blush Brush - £1

Pure Make Up Removing Wipes - £1 (2 for 1)

Pure Exfoliating Wipes - £1 (2 for 1)

The Make Up Gallery - Plump Up the Volume Mascara- £1

Primark White Nail Polish - £0.80 (reduced from £1)

China Glaze White Crackle Nail Polish - £2.50 (reduced from £16.50)

China Glaze Gold Crackle Nail Polish - £2.50 (reduced from £16.50)

Nivea Soft Face Body and Hand Cream - £1 (reduced from £2)

MUA Essentials Mascara - £1

MUA Intense Colour Eye Liner - Snowy White - £1

MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner - Brooding Plum - £1

MUA Lipstick - Raven - £1

MUA Matte Lipstick - Wild Berry - £1

MUA Matte Lipstick - Fawn Fancy - £1
Sour Patch Kids (soda popz) - £1 (Bae)

Pretty 2015 Diary - £1


 That's The beauty segment of this Haul done, I was really pleased with the Black lipstick because I've been needing one for so long but I've never seen it in stock. the Blush brush s actually surprisingly soft, definite good buy. the eyeliner set will be awesome for making sure I have that on fleek eyeliner and I'm so happy about the China Glaze nail polishes, I saved £28!


Cut Out Ankle Boots -£8 (reduced from £20) these are the only shoes I bought this sale season because I've been wanting them for ages, but I could never seem to find them in my size, or if I did, I just couldn't get them because they were too expensive, *sigh* but now I found them in my size and for JUST £8! I'm sorry for caps but £8?!


Cropped Bralet Style Top - £1- Reduced from £29.90

Cropped 90's style chiffon top - £1 - Reduced from £12

Black Midi Cardigan -£4 - reduced from £20

Grey Midi Cardigan -£4 - reduced from £20

Mocha Turtle Neck - £1.50 - Reduced from £15

Grey Turtle Neck - £1.50 - Reduced from £15

White Turtle Neck - £1.50 - Reduced from £15

Black Turtle Neck - £1.50 - Reduced from £15

Heather Grey Halter Cami - £1 - reduced from £3

Jacquard Floral Monochrome Peplum Vest - £1 - Reduced from £8

Cute Rainbow Print Vest - £1 - Reduced from £3

Lilac Basic Stretch Vest- £1 - Reduced from £2.50

90's style Paisley Patterned Bodycon Dress - £2.50 - Reduced from £20

Dusty Blue Eyelash Lace Kimono - £5 - Reduced from £15

Green Stripy Cami Midi Dress - £2.50 - Reduced from £12.99

Blue Lace Double Layer Dress - £2.50 - reduced from £30

Brown Open Back Flowy Dress £2.50 Reduced from £18.50

Grey Sports Luxe Sweater skirt - £2 - Reduced from £5
I am in love with some of the clothing I bought especially the Blue lace Double layer dress, expect a blog post all about that dress from me in the near future, also the brown flowy dress pulls on my heat strings because it reminds me so much of the dress that they sell in Brandy Melville, however we don't get brandy here so I was really really happy to see it in a shop for soooooo low a price. Also yes, I was feeling extremely Kim K esque when I bought the Mocha turtle neck :)
That's all For My Boxing Day on a Budget Haul, feel free to contact me for links or stores to get particular items from.

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Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x


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  1. You got some really awesome items and you really didn't spend too much on anything which is really good, congratulations on acing your challenge, I'm not sure that I could have done it!