Thursday, 1 January 2015

What Would Molly Buy? | Candle Haul


I'm SO excited about 2015, I'm definitely going to make the most of this year. its the year of my 18th year of life, and so I've decided its time for me to stop waiting for time to go by, but instead, make the most of the time I have, because life is not infinite, it will end. one day...

anyway enough of the heavy, back to the main point of this post so I went to Ikea recently for Christmassy bits and bobs, and as I walked past I smelt this amazing smell. It was these candles and they were beckoning for me to buy them. So I did *insert sassy sally emoji here*

I got a bit camera happy about these, but the colours were so bright and pretty, brought me out of my dull winteritis for sure.
these fabulous candles were a mere 95 pence from Ikea and definitely a good investment. they make your room smell amazing. in fact I'm burning the vanilla one right now and it smells like ambrosia.
I really love candles for the winter months and I'm definitely gonna head back and get me some more of these, you'll probably see them in my January Haul.
Speaking of which, I was thinking instead of doing small Hauls every other week, I thought I would do a large collective Haul at the end of every calendar month, with exceptions of Christmas and birthdays and also when the products are too photogenic for life. i.e. now.
my next post should be up fairly soon. as in the next few hours to be honest... and its a big one. MOLLY'S BOXING DAY HAUL! what what!
I'm quite looking forward to posting that, but until then my fair blog readers, adios x

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Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x


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