Friday, 27 February 2015

Molly's March Wishlist

A lot of these items probably aren't even new in, but I still want them. Like I like to say style isn't about what you wear, it's how you wear it.

  1.  Tommy Hilfiger Buffalo Plaid Skirt- TOMMY HILFIGER (US only)
I've been lusting after theses items for a while now, the DSLR camera the most of all I think, the day I get one, that's gonna be a good day you're all gonna know about it, trust me. If I was going to get one I'd more likely than not buy it from PC World because they have probably got the best returns and insurance policies ever. The public desire lace up Anais heels are genuinely what dreams are made of,    They probably would go with every single outfit ever, and even if they didn't... I'd still wear them. My bandage dress have been killing it with their stock everything is just pure fyah but if I had to chose just one piece which I would definitely go for the bianca white skirt. The cut just looks so flattering and the lil' flirty v in the front just for added sassiness. Happy plugs are so cute, and the name is just so fitting, because music is the key to eternal happiness, (along with a killer wardrobe). This skirt from choies is probably an essential because it'll leave you looking supa fly in all seasons, and the lace hem adds just the perfect amount of detailing. *insert love struck emoji here*. The day I find an EOS lip balm in boots will be a very happy day. They are literally impossible to find in the UK, but one day I will own one, and treasure it, like a little baby pug. 

I am literally so in love with the pier1 vintage style mannequin, it's just the perfect room decoration and I can plan all my outfits on it. I really need one in my life asap. *sigh*. Speaking of things I need in my life, I have literally been fawning over the over the knee suede cleated sole boots for the longest time. They are just so beautiful. They make me want to cry, you can team them with a casual oversized shirt dress, or even dress them up with a bodycon mini and look flawless. I don't care if they're going out of season. I WANT THEM NOW!

Can we take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this top shop bralet is. I literally have nothing to say, the bralets Betty speaks for itself. Pair it with the TOMMY BILFIGER buffalo check sort and the over the knee boots And GURL, you become an instant fashion killa. I literally need this outfit, if anyone can find that skirt for me I will cruelly be eternally greatful because it is life itself. Simple. Effortless. Casually elegant. 

Guys I think I'm turning into a mermaid, (ignoring the fact that I can not swim). The NASTY GAL shelling out purse literally has my name written on it... You just can't see it because of the holographicness tbh. *sassy sally* 

NUWANG APPAREL are first turning into one of my faves, they stock such amazing bits for the most affordable prices including these high waisted White jeans, an essential for any and every fashionable lady. So versatile, so necessary, so everything. The boho coin charm bib necklace from style moi is such a nice piece of jewellery to make even outfit look glam, even a plain one. Team the White jeans with a white cropped cami, a leather jacket and the coin necklace and you have an outfit that will leave people wanting to own your wardrobe. 

That's enough pining for one day anyway guys, 

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Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x


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