Thursday, 26 February 2015

OOTD//FOTD | Disco Pants ft. Turtle Neck


Its Thursday today so I thought it would be nice, in classic Thursday fashion, to throw it back. This is an outfit of the day I wore last month and if you follow me on instagram you might recognise it.

So starting with my face I have on MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the colour NW50, on top of that I have MUA's Pressed Powder in shade 5 as a Highlighter and  MAC Studio Care Blend Pressed Powder over my Foundation. On my check bones I have Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls which can I say give the most amazing glowy effect. On my lips I have MUA's Lip Pencil in the colour Brooding Plum. Macara- Le Volume De Chanel and Liner NYC felt liner in Dancing Diva


 The Turtle neck I'm wearing is actually a thrifted item, but it is originally from GAP, you may have seen it in my January Haul, if not here you go.
The earrings I have on are from Dior. They are the Gorgeous "MISE EN DIOR" tribal earrings and I think they add a touch of class to what would otherwise be a basic casual outfit.

 The Leather Jacket I wore is from Topshop, but its an old collection jacket so I highly doubt you'd find it anymore, but its just a basic biker jacket with a fur collar and buckles.

And Finally THE Disco Pant. I love these Trousers/ Leggings / Bottoms made by the gods themselves. They are the most comfortable yet flattering article of clothing I own. of course they are from the one and only AMERICAN APPAREL, Now I know AA things can be really damn pricey, I only have 3 things from them I think, but can I just say The DISCO PANT IS AN AWESOME INVESTMENT. literally, if you're like me you will never wear something so much in your life, for £75 (it broke my heart but it had to be done) youre getting your money's worth because you will get SO MUCH wear out of them its unreal. Finally the shoes I wore were just my basic black chunky crock cut out boots, see detailed description here

That's all for my OOTD//FOTD loves.
Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x


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