Thursday, 14 May 2015

Festival Specs* for Festival Season

Hi Guys,

So the first festival that marks the beginning has been and gone (yes I'm talking about COACHELLA BABY) so festival season is officially among us, and to help us look fleeky af this season we have FESTIVAL SPECS on hand ayyyy!


 so the lovely GiGi from FESTIVAL SPECS kindly sent me a set, they are a pair of tortoiseshell round 70's inspired glasses with a selection of coloured interchangeable lenses!


I personally think they are an amazing invention, and they made my baby sister look like a minion, so I'm sorry for the Sister Spam but tell me she doesn't look like Gru!

 Model Behaviour from Gru.

okay, so that's enough pictures of this cutie in my FESTIVAL SPECS. I think they are definitely a pair of glasses worth investing in, with it being £25 for essentially 6 pairs of glasses, you really have nothing to lose.
That's all for this Post, see you soon Lovelies,
Molly x
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