Saturday, 18 April 2015

First Fruit* First I'm the Realest.

Hi Guys,

Today I'm coming at you with a slightly different post, Its a review on the company First Fruit. I met the owner of First Fruit, Sharleen, at the Blogger's Love Event Bloggers Love Fashion week(#BLFW) where she had an absolutely gorgeous Mannequin fruit bouquet which can I just say is more photogenic than I ever will be.

I thought the Idea was so unique and I took a business card to give to my mum who is obsessed with quirky things I thought she'd love it! a couple of days later I received an email, Sharleen was offering to send me a fruit bouquet of my own, as you can Imagine I got very excited about this, she HAND DELIVERED it to my house (how nice is that!) and it was absolutely beautiful, I had heart eye emojis eyes for daaaaays!
So, I'll show you pictures of the glorious creation now:

How amazing does that look?! and It was just as tasty as it looked, all the fruit was really nice (especially the pineapple!) it wasn't one of those things that look great but taste like cardboard, you could tell that it was good quality fruit that was used to create this.
I'll break down the composition of my bouquet for you;
- cantaloupe melon base
-filled with grapes
- strawberries
- Pineapple
- an orange
- Garnished with Mint
I was so happy with my fruit bouquet, and my mum was a definite fan, we'll definitely be ordering from First Fruit very soon.
On a final note, I most definitely got my five a day the day my bouquet arrived that's for sure!
That's all for this Post, see you soon Lovelies,
Molly x
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