Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Molly's Minute Musings | Casio // House of Watches*

Hi guys, I'm here with another Molly's Minute Musings post and this one is about my favourite jewellery Piece I've received this year! This Casio Ladies Digital Display Watch LA670WEGA-1EF is literally giving me life.

so I had been wanting this watch for THE LONGEST TIME, literally ever since american apparel started selling them but I really wasn't too sure about the price point, at £45 from american apparel I didn't really want to purchase it and was kind of (cheekily) waiting for either my mum or sister to offer to get it for me. That is of course until I received a mysterious package that I wasn't expecting, and voici there was the watch just staring at me! I was literally so excited about it because I'd be lusting after it for absolutely ages. I've had this watch for almost 2 months now and literally wear it everyday, like EVERYDAY!

The watch is waterproof which is fantastic because I forever forget to take it off when washing dishes, and also its stainless steel so I don't think I'll catch it discolouring any time soon!

Have you been lusting after this watch too? Let me know by commenting!

Thanks for reading and see you later, Mollz.

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