Saturday, 17 October 2015

Tattoo Choker Haul // Jewellery

Hey Y'all it has been a while since my last post, but balancing my life has proven a much more difficult task than I initially thought, but I have managed to find some time so I thought I'd drop another Blog post seeing as writing and preparing these is my favourite thing to do when I'm stressed.

So if you didn't already know, I have an ultimate obsession with Tattoo Chockers, I'm LITERALLY always wearing one! so I thought I'd show you my little haul ( I want to say collection but my collection is actually quite extensive, so I thought it might be better just to show you the new additions so 'haul') of them as recently I've been "making" a lot of them. I say "making" with quotation marks, because in my mind I don't really make the per say, but they are authentic as I buy specific charms and put on my tattoo chokers!

so this very first one is one of my favourites, I put the 'Ying Yang' charm on this choker because I think it symbolises the balance required in everything. I'm a definite believer in there being good in all bad and bad in all good, and there not being clear cut lines anywhere. things aren't always black and white. thiskind of links to what I was saying earlier as well, it represents balance so perhaps if I wear it I might be able to get some order back into my life.

This next one I must admit does not have quite deep a meaning behind it, I just thought the charm was super duper cute! I mean its a little turtle! what's not to love?

This charm, as all my Potter Heads/ potterheads will know this charm has a muchos specialos meaning, this charm is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows! Now I don't want to give the story away to those who have STILL NOT FAMILIARISED THEMSELVES WITH THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS AND FILMS (what have you been doing with your life please?) but I will say I'm super excited to have this choker now because when I have the HP feels I can put this on and feel much better whilst doing my triannual Harry Potter marathons.

This choker is a bit different, I thought this choker would be cool to wear in summer because of all the cute little suns on it, and if you look really closely the suns are actually smiling! How cute!

Okay so I looooooooooove this choker, it has a cute little elephant charm on it, which I chose because it reminded me of India. I went to India on a volunteer trip last year and it was actually one of the best times of my life but that my dear friends is definitely a story for another day. While I was out there myself and a very close friend of mine went on an elephant ride which was unreal and so this charm acts like a nice reminder of my time in India

This Final charm is also a favourite of mine. Its a charm of what appears to be the planet Saturn, sixth planet in our solar system with the rings, I'm sure you know the one. I love this charm because I am an ABSOLUTE ASTRONOMY FANATIC, like seriously, I have a thing for astronomy. astronomy is just 'my thing' and so I thought it would be nice to have a charm that symbolises my irrevocable love for the universe and everything within and beyond it, y'know. My friend ZeenaXena pointed out that this particular charm look a little bit, only a tad but still, like the Vivian Westwood logo, so there's yet another reason to love this choker even more!

My obsession with tattoo chokers is pretty major, and some of my friends have even suggested that I sell some of the chokers I make which in all honesty doesn't sound like a bad Idea, I might have to consider that in the near future. 

Thankyou for reading and comment below your favourite choker from my collection, I'd love to know your picks, 

Catch you on the flipside homies, Mollz.

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