Saturday, 19 December 2015

Molly's Minute Musings | Lauren's Way Lashes* // Guest Post- Gloria Adelussi

HI GUYS, so  this is a very different post for me, it's actually a guest post by the Gorgeous Gloria Adelussi; Enjoy!

so this is my first time trying Lauren’s way “Fabulous Flutter” lashes and I have already come to the conclusion that it definitely has an every day look to it, as I' someone who prides myself in wearing lashes every blessed day, this is definitely something I would invest in.  whilst they come with an adhesive I don’t normally use the adhesives that come with lashes since purchasing the DUO eyelash glue (absolutely amazing and worth buying).
The lashes are very short but still noticeable; these are the type of lashes that you would consider buying if you are not the type to wear long lashes, and are not looking for an overly dramatic look. They blend in with your real eyelashes, giving them more volume but not much length, definitely perfect for every day use if you are more about the subtle look. I have re-used them about three times now and they still look just as brand new as when I first got them, definitely just as the box said. In terms of the weight of them, super lightweight and almost unnoticeable, Lauren’s Way lashes do not feel heavy at all. They actually feel like I am not wearing lashes at all, I think this is the most important when considering lashes, there are lashes I have tried in the past that were beautiful but wearing them felt like weights on my eyelids. These are the cutest and I would recommend purchasing a pair. I'm looking forward to trying the LW “Essex Glamour” next. 

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