Sunday, 7 December 2014

Small Haul x

So as you probably gathered from my previous post, I am obsessed with Primark! So I thought I would just post a couple of bits and bobs that I have purchased from there this weekend. I am actually constantly in there, at this rate I'll be on first name terms with the manager by Christmas.

So the first item I got were some frilly socks because for me, as you probably realised from my last post, frilly socks are a staple of life and oh so necessary.

Frilly socks £1.50 each

The next thing I got a chunky gold statement chocker/bib. Now I have wanted a nice one of these for ages but they either look ridiculously trashy or a heartbreakingly expensive, so you can imagine how over the moon I was when I walked into primark and found this beauty at the amazingly affordable price of £3. You can then imagine the internal rave my id had when the cashier told me I only had to pay £1 for it. Ha in your face superego (can I get a whoop from all my psychologists x).

Statement chocker £3 £1

Continuing on the jewellery theme the next item I got was a set of bangles in gold. Bangles are my favourite type of bracelet,  I love the sound they make when they clank and jangle, bangles are also another staple of mine. I own like a million to be honest but I thought another set wouldn't hurt, especially because they were only a pound.

Gold bangles £1

Next item I got was this lovely dainty necklace set, I love necklaces they accentuate my collar bones which unfortunately seems to be the only half decent God given feature I have *cries*. I decided to give gold a break even though it is my favourite colour for jewellery. I went for the silver this time because it would just provide a simple delicate look, nothing too out there, and I could use them to dress outfits down as opposed to up.

Silver Necklace two piece £1.50

The last piece of jewellery in my my small haul is just this super versatile rustic/vintage looking chocker, it is so cute, I could wear it with litterally anything which is why I fell in love with it, and yes, of course it was on sale :)

Gold chunky chocker £1

The final item of my small haul, (I told you it was small) is a kimono. Kimonos are one of my favourite things ever they are just so cute and free fitting and fun and pretty and the purchasing of this  beauty was much more than necessary... It was destiny for me to own it. It would be rude of me not to buy it considering it was less than half price! I saw it from afar and I tried to ignore it but then I glanced at a price tag and it said £8 which made it quite interesting, then I saw the rail it was on had a sign saying £5 which made it really interesting, then I saw a small red ticket saying £3 and I kid you not I litterally beat up my friend trying to get to my size. Real life example of 0 to 100 real quick. 

Ivory lace kimono £8 £5 £3

So that was the itty bitty haul I brought you guys from my second home, I hope you all enjoyed my primark goodies and that I have inspired you to go and raid the primarni sales because I'm not exaggerating to y'all, they bang. I can't wait 'til Boxing Day.

Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x

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