Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What would Molly wear to sixth form?

So my first official what would Molly wear question came from a friend. She said...

"Molly I have nothing to wear to college and its even more difficult because we have to wear a suit. I'm not about that life." 

Okay so maybe that wasn't actually a "what would Molly wear..." question but I decided to use it as inspiration for this post anyway.

My sixth form is pretty similar to that infact I think my sixth forms are. They have a specific dress code and mine is formal. a white shirt and only black bottoms and jackets.

With anything I do I try to be as individual as possible, so I still try follow the rules but I am also expressing my identity too. (maybe not to the extent of dying my hair strange colours and having with piercings all over me but hey ho.) and that's what this post is going to be about.

The first item of clothing we'll talk about is my shirt, so the main shirt I wear is a vintage one older than me that I embezzled from my mother, 
its just a simple polyester blouse/shirt with some floral embroidering on it.
although this was not purchased you could still just wear any shirt/blouse. a good place to consider going if you want to get some quality vintage shirts, and vintage clothing in general is the MILE END VINTAGE STORE, they are having an event in  a couple of weeks time called the VINTAGE POUNDMAS and if you enjoy a good vintage haul then you are in for a treat, EVERYTHING, and I repeat EVERYTHING IS £1!!! you should check out the event which I will link below, and if you need reassurance, I've been to quite a few of these and I can assure you I've gotten some amazing steals from there.  VINTAGE POUNDSMAS EVENT

Anyway, the next item of clothing I would pair that with is just a chunky jumper/sweater with a high neck, like this beauty. 
I love this chunky sweater because one, its so warm and cosy, and two, the roll neck is so adorable. I got this from Primark on sale last December so I doubt that its still being sold however Primark's sweater game is very strong and I'm certain you'll be able to find something similar if not even better for a highly affordable price, but if you just want a quick fix why not check this  jumper out from Boohoo. BOOHOO SWEATER
 I may end up actually purchasing this boohoo sweater anyway because my college gets really annoyed when I wear a grey jumper in to school :(
I can just wear the shirt because honestly its pretty enough on its own, but on those days when it is quite cold out I throw the sweater on over it, and I really like the look it creates.
If you choose to leave your shirt tucked out it definitely gives a relaxed care free effect but because of my dress code at school, I choose to have it tucked in, just because it looks that much smarter.

the next item of clothing are my trousers. I wear High waisted Black Jeans. these are £10 from primark and are the black super high waist skinny jeans. these are just my cheap alternative to the top shop Joni jeans because sometimes you don't have £36 to splash out on 1 pair of jeans... I wish :(  TOPSHOP JONI JEANS
Now onto my favourite part of an outfit... THE SHOES.
I wear these beauties that I purchased from... oh you guessed it, Primark!
they were £14 and are probably the best investment I made all year.
I'm not too sure primark still stock these, (even though I got them in late September) but if they don't I went scouting for you guys and it turns out you can get an amazingly similar pair from fashion union.
although they are more expensive I think they are 110% worth it and you will not regret the choice after you purchase them, plus they go with basically everything. 
I pair my shoes up with a pair of adorable FRILLY SOCKS for that added bit of cuteness

I then complete the look with a blazer
(Dorothy Perkins) that has a nice feminine cut, and my uber masculine Topman jacket.

The final product looks like this:


and that my friends, "What Molly would wear to sixth form."

Lots of love,
Molly Grace Etti x

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