Wednesday, 4 February 2015

18 Things I'm glad I Did before 18.

Hi guys, so it's my birthday eve and I'm an official adult in a few hours, whut whut! So in order to commemorate the occasion I thought it would be nice to compile this list of things I'm proud of doing before 18. So on with it...

1. Have a childhood without technology. 
- not a lot of people born after basically the year 2002 can say hey have 
2. Read Pride and prejudice. 
- it's actually my favourite book, I can't wait to find my own Mr. Darcy
3. Start a blog.
- I was quite scared to start my blog but it's one of the best things I've done in this past year.
4. Do a performing arts qualification. 
- Prior to doing GCSE Dance I was a nervous wreck when it came to performing, but being persuaded to do it by Miss Hampton was probably one of the best things a teacher at my secondary school ever did for me. 
5. Find my best friend/other half. 
- I love my faithybaby forever and if one good thing has come out of the we experience, it definitely her.
6. Maintain my sanity.
Okay so this one is actually a major lie. We all know I'm crazy af.
7. Leave the country.
- I'd never been on a plane until I was 16 and going on my German exchange trip and can I just say I have never feared for my life so much. Talk about wannabe astronaut.
8. Do the London marathon, twice
- okay so it was the mini marathon but I'm not about that athlete's life.
9. Meet Professor Brian Cox.
- he's everything
10. Volunteer in an orphanage.
- Affecting Real change: Project India was literally the best 2 and a half week of my entire life and I am seriously grateful for the experience. 
11. German Exchange.
- I think its very important for one to experience another culture in order to build up your Ego. (using that in Freudian psychodynamic terms.)
12. Learn a Language
- German is my actual fave. can I not just be German or?
13. Be alive.
- Not everyone makes it to this age so its not something you should take for granted.
14. Pray.
- Religious or not, I think everyone should get down on their knees and pray whether to God, or the Universe or just chance, show gratitude.
- Bey is Bae.
16. Regret Things.
- if you think you've lived a perfect life so far. You're either in denial or deluded.
17. Drink Alcohol.
- Drinking before you're legal is essential, you learn moderation and this helps stop you from getting in trouble later in life.
18. Do NCS.
- Best. Experience. Ever.

That's all from me folks, catch you on the flipside.

Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x


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