Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What Would Molly Buy?| January Haul

Hi guys, I am currently soooooooo behind on my posts so please bare with whilst I get my life together, I thought it would be a good idea to get all my January Posts out of the way considering we're already a week into February... so here's my January Haul. (sorry for the random image but I want it to be my post thumbnail x)

The first product I got was this NYC lipstick in the colour caramel, its a browny colour with silvery glitter specks in it, its definitely more of a glamorous event lippie than everyday use methinks.

 Next we have these Dior Earrings which I absolutely love. They are double sided but I only wear them with the small pearls in front to be honest. They're absolutely gorgeous and I'm really Grateful that my aunt gave them to me because I've been lusting after them for quite a while. Now if you aren't really feeling the Dior Price tag... you should really check out house of skylar  for all your double sided earring needs.

 Next I bought 2 NYC appleicious lip balms, in chocolate apple a nice natural brown colour, and also I got it in apple blossom, which is a lovely shade of pink. Both are quite natural looking as you would expect considering they are lip balms.

the packaging is pretty darn cute too, a really nice lip balm for everyday use when you want a hint of colour in addition to the standard moisturising(ness) you would expect from a good lip balm (yes I do make words up as I go along, just roll with it x)

Next I got another NYC Lipstick, this one is in Villainous Red, this is a luscious deep red. Its literally so nice, Because of my complexion I'm not a big fan of bright or pastel or pink lipstick, but I lurrrrrve me some deep red and NYC provided the perfect addition to my collection.

if you remember my boxing day haul you will notice that I have bought even more (three) of those amazingly discounted roll neck beauties, but they were just too good to resist.
 turtle necks are just something you need in every colour. a definite wardrobe staple. I got the new additions in cobalt blue, emerald green and burgundy wine. 

Another turtle neck, this time this one is a sweater. This is actually a thrifted item, but I can tell you its originally from GAP so you may be able to find a similar item there because the styles never really change in GAP to be fair, GAP clothing is actually timeless in my opinion. I absolutely love it, I pair it with a pair of high shine disco pants for an effortless and versatile all day look, whilst staying hella warm in this bitter cold winter we are enduring. Its so cute I love it (as you probably gathered by now.) because its ribbed especially and ribbed is just one of the best textures ever it goes with everything and just looks so lovely, perfect for those minimal looks. Stay tuned for my TBT OOTD Post coming soon to see how I styled this piece.

Yet another turtle neck, okay you may see a trend developing here, it definitely is the season of the roll neck/ turtle neck/ polo neck/ whatever you wanna call it neck for me. I just can't get enough. This is another thrifted item, but unfortunately I can't tell you the original brand, because I don't know it not because its a top class fashion secret. But I absolutely love this top, its a stretch sweater material, and ribbed (hallelujah). I think this will definitely be able to be worn in all seasons. Summer pair it with a pair of levi cutoffs. Spring wear it with a pastel pvc skirt. Autumn it would look amazing with a burnt orange skirt, knee highs socks and some cute booties and a leather jacket, and in winter a pair of high waisted black skinnies and your staple waterfall coat... OMG I feel a style post coming on!

I Love this JAGER Grandad sweater, yet again a thrifted item, its absolutely gorgeous and can be thrown over
anything, a definite autumn spring summer piece, which in the uk seems to just mesh into one season of mediocre temperature more often than not. I can see myself throwing this over a day dress and pairing with some cut out booties for an effortless day time boho look.

THIS NEXT ITEM I ADORE SO MUCH I HAD TO WRITE THAT IN CAPITAL LETTERS, ITS THAT DEEP. I got this from my mother and I absolutely love it, even though I'm pretty sure it used to be mine and she borrowed it, or it might have been the other way round... anyway it doesn't matter anymore, its all MINE. I literally adore this bag it just has such a cool vintage feel about it, I'm definitely going to be including this bag in one of my style posts.

This sweater is more than cute, its just a beautiful piece of knitwear that was incredibly cheap, (£3) from an independent store in my area. Its so soft and looks so so so nice on, its slightly holey and so I would probably wear a white vest underneath it but it is definitely an incredibly versatile item and a definite staple for any fashionable girl's wardrobe.
Finally, the last item in my January haul is this SC&CO cardigan, kimono, throw thing, I don't know what to call it if you do please comment below, but I really like it, this is yet another thrifted item and its probably going to be worn all throughout summer and on an occasionally warm day in autumn. I love the aztec pattern and the burnt orange makes it a nice Summer autumn seasonal piece. Also SC&CO are one of my favourite brands, their clothing is too cute for life.

That is actually it for my January Haul believe it or not, I didn't do too much shopping last month (We thank the Lord) my February haul is gonna be a whole different story though, stay tuned my lovelies. x

Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x

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  1. I would call the last one aztec bat-wings knitted cardigan. Love your haul ! x