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What's Your Name Game?| BOOST UK*

What's Ya Name Game

So recently some of you may have noticed that at your local BOOST Juice Bar  They are Playing the whats your name game, where you receive a free drink of your choice just by being yourself! all you need to do is show them a flash your ID proving your name et voila! Everyday for the next couple of weeks 2 names will be published on BOOST's social links and in stores and if you're lucky enough it might just be your name that is chosen! A third name will be chosen daily by the British Public – people can simply register their name on the following link for a chance to score a FREE BOOST!  So no matter how popular, or unusual your name, EVERYONE has the same chance of getting chosen. 

Boost loves individuality and so this year they want EVERYONE to have the chance to win Boost’s What’s Your Name Game! No matter how common or unique your name is, they are asking people to come to the WYNG site (through Facebook) to register their name for a chance for that name to be the third winning name.

If you don't know about BOOST Juice Bars let me tell you now their smoothies are to DIE for, my personal favourite is berry blast but I also love their BOOSTER  Smoothies, They also offer lean & Green products and 5 a day juice, which is very popular for those people who want to stay healthy but are constantly always on the go! I just love boost and I will definitely be keeping a look out for the day that the name of the day is Molly!

Key dates

Promotion commences: Thursday 5th February
Promotion ends: Wednesday 4th February


BOOST UK's Social Links 

Sticky Stuff

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What size Smoothie are customers entitled to? 
Customers can select any sized Boost (kids, medium or original) if their name is nominated as the What’s Your Name Game Name of the Day.  
What type of drink are customers entitled to? 
Customers can choose ANY drink from our menu (juices and super smoothies are included). 
How will I know what the What’s Your Name Game names of the day are?  
Each store will display 2 winning names each day (attached to this campaign brief). Facebook will announce the winning names daily (including the 3rd name selected through facebook. 
What if the customer’s name is spelt differently or is a common variation of the nominated name? Is the customer still entitled to the free Boost? 
If a customer’s name is a common shortened or lengthened version of the name or is spelt differently (for example John and Jonathon or Rachel and Rachael), the free offer will still apply.
Can a customer redeem their free Boost at more than 1 store? 
Customers are only entitled to 1 Boost per store, however may redeem a Boost at more than 1 store on the day their name is nominated. 
Are customers entitled to VIBE points with their free Boost? 
No - VIBE points can only be accumulated on full-priced Boosts.  
What happens if customers do not have any photo ID? 
If a child is under the age of 16 and they do not have any photo ID, they will be asked for any form of ID with their name printed (i.e. library card). If they are unable to produce this, they will be offered  a free kids’ drink (at the store manager’s discretion)

Terms & Conditions 

Boost Juice What’s Ya Name Game Campaign 

The promoter is Boost Juice Bars UK Ltd, The Pavilion, Abbots Moss Hall, Oakmere, Cheshire, CW8 2ES (“Promoter”)
Instructions on how to enter and prizes form part of these conditions.
Entry is open to all residents of UK. 
This promotion commences 08.00am on Thursday 5th February 2015 and closes 11pm Wednesday 4th March 2015.
Prize details are as follows: 
A free smoothie, crush or juice (of any size – Kids, Medium or Original Boost) 
Extra additions i.e. fruit, Boosters etc apart from what is already included in a drink’s standard recipe will come at an extra cost.
Names will be randomly pre-selected prior to the promotion period by the Promoter and released on the day by all Boost Juice stores (and on Facebook).
To claim a prize, the claimant must have the same first name from the names which are randomly selected for that day and must redeem the prize on that day to be eligible for the free drink on that day.
To redeem the free drink, a claimant must be able to produce a driver’s license, passport or other formal photographic ID with the first name of the claimant matching one of the names selected for that particular day. 
Drinks can be redeemed only once per store, but may be redeemed at multiple locations on the same day.
The offer is not valid in conjunction with VIBE points.
Variations of names (shortening & common variations eg. John/Jonathan) in claiming the prize is at the Boost Juice store’s sole discretion.
Winner redemption and verification will be conducted at the point of sale at Boost Juice stores across UK.
No winner’s details are collected in order to redeem this prize.
Any ancillary costs associated with redeeming the prizes shall be the sole responsibility of the corresponding prize winners. 
The Promoter is not responsible for any human error which may occur in the processing of entries in this promotion. 
The Promoter shall not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for personal injury suffered or sustained, as a result of accepting a prize, except liability which cannot be excluded by law. 


I was approached By Boost UK for this post but all opinions are my own.

Lots of love, 
Molly Grace Etti x

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