Sunday, 21 June 2015

Choies Wishlist*

Hi Guys, Its been a while, so I decided why not treat you guys to a post full of things I have been lusting after from my favourite overseas online retailer Choies

Choies are a highly affordable online retailer based in china and they have the cutest clothing in the history of FOREVER

I thought I would make you guys a wishlist of my favourite pieces on the site! be sure to visit them at 

1. Black Rubber Sole Lace Up Trainers (click link)

these are the type of trainers that go with literally every outfit! an absolute staple in any girls wardrobe for sure! And because they are unbranded you don't have the clash of logos that make you look like a walking billboard. win win tbh. 

This bikini is absolutely stunning in my opinion, at at under $20 an absolute steal! you literally can not go wrong! also because the bikini is both high waisted AND longline, it covers up my wobbly bits and is not too revealing. perfection in a swimsuit me thinks!

I have been loving green recently, Its my new colour that I'm obsessed with, I think it looks amazing against every skin tone, and the cut and pattern of lace on this dress are absolutely stunning. This is probably going to be the first purchase I make this payday.

 that's all for this post lovlies, be sure to check out .

Lots of Love, Molly x


  1. I love that bikini set, I basically love anything that's floral lmao and that dress is cute, but my boobs are too big for that smh.

    1. Hey Abi, LMAO, I wish I had those problems, you should embrace the fact youre blessed in the chest, I'm definitely lacking in that department, Thnakyou for reading x