Monday, 13 July 2015

50 shades of Bleu | Blue Vanilla*

Hi Guys, Guess who's back yet again! I swear I'm on a roll with these blog posts! so today I'm feeling a little blue, but in a good way! I received this beautiful sample from Blue Vanilla organised by the lovely EtailPR Blogger network. so I decided I would style up the stunning blue midi skirt (RRP £22) I received with other blue things! 

So the blue jacket I decided to wear with it was £25 from the one and only primark. The necklace is an oldie but goodie from Hollister.

 Although ths skirt is a mesh material there is a long enough under skirt to protect your modest so you don't feel over expose, and also it protects your booty cheeks, because if you sat on the bare material your skin may begin to feel a little irritated, well mine would, but the underskirt actually prevents this from happening! Ace!

so that's all from this post exploring all things blue, I'll be back soon loves, Molly x

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