Monday, 13 July 2015

Princess of Chi Chi | Chi Chi London*

Hi Loves, Its me again coming at you with another post. This time the Brand focus is Chi Chi London kindly set up by the babes at the EtailPR Blogger network. Chi Chi is a brand I've loved from afar for a very long time but I've never really been able to buy one of their dresses, not because they are ridiculously expensive, they're actually quite affordable in all honesty, but I'm a jobless student who doesn't go out, I've never really needed one.. well thats what I thought until I received and tried on this beauty, I literally fell in love and didn't want to take it off, it just makes me feel like such a princess, someone hand me my tiara.

I decided to go with a very soft and natural makeup look with this dress, because the dress is special you don't want to draw any attention away from the dress.

I decided to go with pink shoes just because I didn't want to look too washed out, I needed a pop of colour to bring some life into my outfit because all those neutral tones were getting a bit much.

so a pro about the dress is that the chest are is very structured so it helps ladies that aren't quite blessed in the chest, i.e moi, not look so flat chested ayyyyyy!

I still opted to wear a black bra with it though because the dress as you would expect, the dress does not actually provide much boob support.

I thought I'd throw in some action shots just so you can see how the dress moves, its a lovely full dress but its not toooo puffy that you look like a meringue, but when you spin around its just like gurl work ittttt, you can have a proper princess twirl moment whilst you're in this. 

so the dress I'm wearing is called the Shona Dress which retails at £57.99

make sure you check out Chi Chi London as they have hundreds of gorgeous dresses for every type of event that you could imagine,

That's all for this post, Ill catch you later loves.

Molly x

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