Saturday, 11 July 2015

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Jewellery Box | TH Baker*

Hi Loves, so your Girl mollz is back with another post, this time it is a review of a Thomas Sabo jewellery box kindly gifted to me by TH Baker, kindly set up by the EtailPR Blogger network.            

so here is a head on shot of the beautiful box, its a soft box but it is highly structures so all your jewellery pieces will stay put for sure! its got lovely silver hardware detailing on the front as well!

so when you open up the box you can see there's a lovely little mirror in the lid so you can see how you look when you try on your trinkets.

there's also various compartments so you can keep all your treasures organised, I had a hard time deciding what would go into this box as I have SO MUCH JEWELLERY! I usually just keep it all in clear plastic boxes from ikea in all honesty, but I think I'll put all my precious jewels in here, my costume pieces can stay in their ikea safe haven lol.

what's really really nifty about this box is that it has a false bottom so you can hide your really precious pieces or even just have extra room to store some more of your gems!

All in All I think this is a great jewellery box, especially for those that prefer the real deal to costume jewellery, I hope you found this post insightful!
Don't worry I know I've been MIA recently but I will keep the posts coming thick and Fast, I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging!

Lots of Love, Molly.

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