Sunday, 19 July 2015

All the Single Ladies | TOMSUIT*

Hey Lovelies, so its outfit post time again, these have got to be my favourite posts to do lol, I totally get to release my inner diva, its great. so the lovely people at TOMSUIT sent me a gorgeous what I like to call 'single ladies' Body/Leotard (because it looks like the one that Bey slays in in the single ladies video, can I get a 'wo oh oh')

so I paired the suit up with some basic super high waisted jeans from primark (£10) and some croc patent effect chunky boots Fashion Union (£35)

the leotard is super super comfortable, I could easily do a gymnastics routine in it... if I could even do a simple roly poly lol. but no the leotard is so comfortable and not restrictive. I wore it without a bra and I still felt entirely supported, not at all like my boob was going to fall out of the side as I have felt so many times! I also got the leotard in a size medium despite actually being a size xs up top. I just didn't want the leotard to be tight and uncomfortable but it turns out the material is really stretchy. HOWEVER, I did like the way the medium fit, I feel like xs/s would just be too restrictive.

I was really tempted to pair the leotard with some discopants but then I thought 'nah that is far too much sheen in one outfit boo' and decided to stick with my jeans. good call Mollz good call.

Serving you Sass and Freshley shaved armpit, giving you lifeeeeeee!

This post would not be complete without a booty shot to be honest. 

Okay thats all for this post, I do hop you go ahead and check out TOMSUIT because they have some really cool stuff, maybe you can even cop your very own single ladies leotard.

I'll catch you on the flipside homies, Mollz x

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