Friday, 17 July 2015

Molly's Minute Musings | Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid

I hope Y'all are ready for the next instalment of Molly's Minuite Musings, now I'd say that this is going to be a quick one but arent they all? So today's focus is Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid, my friend Charlotte used to use this all the time and so when I saw it in my local home bargains I was inspired to buy it and of course try it.  

So the first impression was 'omg this is so perfect' because basically as soon as you apply it your skin feels super soft and supple, and it has now become a staple in my everyday routine, Every time I wash my face I apply this to my face and neck, when I do this I can sometimes even get away with not bothering to prime my skin! this has a beautiful clean scent to it and a slight pink colour. Its definitely one of my essentials I now use it everyday! I'd give this product 9/10 stars because its that great.
Thaats all folks, come back soon! Molly x

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