Thursday, 16 July 2015

Molly's Minute Musings | L.A COLORS Liquid Makeup

Hey Loves, so the second instalment of Molly's Minute Musings, I should really turn this into Molly's Midnight Musings because its always about then I decided to write these posts lol, anyway today's Musing is about the LA COLORS liquid make up or foundation.

LA COLORS Liquid Makeup- Black Walnut

so starting with coverage, its next to nothing, literally its a very minimal coverage, perfect for summer because it is very light weight. I got mine in the colour black walnut and it seems to be a really great match for my skin colour surprisingly because more often than not I just get a foundation darker than me (because I have a tonne of dark spots on my face *sadface*). the liquid provides an awesome base if you just want to apply some mineral powder and go, but if you want some coverage I wouldn't recommend it. I do sometimes use it underneath some foundations that are a little bit too light for me and it tailors the colour more to my own. I'd give this a 4/10 stars.That's all for this instalment, catch you on the flipside. Molly x

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  1. Nice post! I have an LA Colours liquid foundation too but kind of hate it because of the very little coverage. It also breaks me out whenever I wear it and now I'm so mad I want to throw it in the trash, haha. BUT--you're right. It's perfect for sunny days and mixing it in with a bit of moisturiser does the trick for me (plus adds a tiny glow to my complexion, breakouts be damned). So until I find a better foundation for lightweight purposes, I'm stuck with it :)