Thursday, 13 August 2015

LA COLOURS Lip Liner Pencils // Beauty

Hello Everyone, your fave has returned with yet another beauty post. you can probably tell that I'm enjoying writing these! I'm definitely going to be posting more beauty because Its so fun! So a couple months ago I developed a huge obsession with lip liners, and so I popped into my favourite budget beauty store, beauty base (much better in store in all honesty) in Westfield Stratford city just to see what they had in stock. I noticed they had these LA Colours lip pencils in stock and they were only 99p. So OBVIOUSLY ya girl got very excited and picked up a few of them...

These Liners could very easily rival the MAC Pencil liners, from the sleek packaging to the actual product itself. The pigmentation of the liners is fantastic as you will be able to see from the swatches, however the consistency of the product could do with being a little creamier, but in my opinion it is the same texture as the MAC and most other liners so that last comment is just my personal preference.

so the colours I picked up are:

- Black
- Natural
- Deepest Purple
-Smooth Plum
- Forever Red 
- Sienna

My personal faves have got to be Natural and Forever red which I think make amazing dupes for MAC's Soar and Ruby Woo liners respectively, and at a fraction of the price, you really have nothing to lose. 


Fluorescent Light


so the application of the product may be the only down side, I personally find they aren't the easiest pencils to sharpen but they aren't as difficult as some of the other make up pencils I own to sharpen so I cant complain. 

I personally like these pencils alot and I will be adding to my collection very very soon, at only 99p per piece, you can't really go wrong.

That's all for this post loves, Molly x

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  1. I just discovered your blogb and LOVE your posts. Im reading them one after the other!! I started following you on bloglovin too. Keep on with the great work!! A new blogger that is very inspired by you xx (would love it if you checked my blog ♡)