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Liquid Courage Cosmetics Lipsticks (LCC)* // Beauty (Video)

Hey Y'all, Its ya girl Mollz back on the blogging front once again and today I'm coming at you with a review/ haul/ swatchfest of the magicalness that is Liquid Courage Cosmetics (LCC), so the lovely Roshell, Founder of Liquid Courage Cosmetics offered to send me some products to play with and so I thought I'd show you what it is that I received.

Matte Lipsticks

so I was sent 6 Matte lipsticks to try out, some of there I loved some I was not too keen on but I think I managed to make them all work when paired with lip liner. there are plain swatches of the colours so you can see how they look against dark skin, and there is also a "swatch" of hpw I would wear the colour.

1. Pink-A-Doodle

Plain Swatch

so this colour actually traumatised me when I first saw it, because like I said in the video I have an irrational phobia of any lipsticks lighter than my complexion...
With Lip Liner

but I noticed Pink-A-Doodle was quite a similar colour to Candy Yum Yum by MAC Cosmetics and I thought I'd use it to recreate a look that my Aunty/ Make up coach taught me with that colour, and it didn't come out half bad. I filled in the entire lip with a plum coloured liner and then applied the lipstick to the centre, on the outside I applied a very dark purple such a s Night moth on to the actual lip line to create this ombre look.

2. Señorita

Plain Swatch
With Lip Liner

So this colour is my personal favourite colour that I received, its a perfect colour for my complexion and requires minimal effort to complete the look. what I love about the colour is that lip liner is literally not even necessary for me to apply if I really didn't want to and the lip would still look bomb af but you all know ya girl is inherently obsessed with lip liners so I couldn't help completing the look with one of my trusty lip pencils.

So I just used a deep purple colour on my lip line and that was it, an example of such a coulour could be nyx cosmetics plum, LA Colours Smooth Plum and Mac Cosmetics currant.

3. Bare Truth

So this colour stressed me out to the core, Its so pastel I struggled to deal with it. like I mentioned earlier in the video, I can not deal with colours lighter thank my complexion, in actual fact I avoid such colours and shades like the plague for fear of looking like a fool
as you can see in the first image the colour does not look very flattering against my skin however I decided to create an ombre lip using the shade in the centre of my lip, I prefer this look much more than just the pure colour in all honesty.

4. Embrace

this colour is quite similar to bare truth as you can see above but it is a little darker so I can tolerate it much better, and even rock it without having to use another lipstick.
so on the outline of this lip combo I used a rich chocolate liner to create a easier transition between my skin and the lip colour and I actually think this combo worked out all right in the end but initially I was sooooooooo unsure about it!

5. Super Rich Red

so as you can see from my video, Super rich red was my absolute fave one of all of the colours, its just such a... Super Rich Red as the name would suggest (LOL)
here I just outlined the contours of my lips with a burgundy liner to create a light ombré effect.

6. Koca Kola

so Koca Kola is a colour that I definitely could deal with, I could literally pop it on with no liner and go unlike a few of the other colours...
buuuuuuut... I decided I'd line my lips with a brown liner just to intensify the contours of my lips again.

Lip Lacquers

7. Affection 

so the lip laquers are like glossy liquid lipsticks which sounds great but the colours I recieved were quite frosty...
which as you can see does nothing for my skin tone...

but as you'e probably figured I use brown lip liner to fix basically everything!

8. Chocolate Kisses

chocolate kisses is definitely a more wearable colour in my humble opinion and I actually quite liked it on its own...
I mean it looks quite cute don't you think?
but of course I went in with my brown liner anyway lol.

All in all I'm so in love with these liquid courage colours, they're such high quality lipstick and the colours are super pigmented and I can't wait to pick up some more!

use code "MOLLY20" to get money off your picks at http://liquidcouragecosmetics.com/

Let me know which ones you get!

until the next post, Molly x

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