Saturday, 20 February 2016

Molly's Minuite Musings | Lilash et Librow*

Hi Guys, I’m back with another Molly’s Minute Musings review and this time it’s all about my Holy Grail eyelash and eyebrow serum, Lilash and Librow. So I use these serums on my lashes and brows respectively and have been for about 4 months and I’ve noticed quite a big difference. My brows have become fuller and my lashes thicker and longer which is every girls dream because it means my mascara applies flawlessly and my eyebrows look bomb af when I get that yung wax and tint (YAssssssssss) so I was gifted these product but honestly if I thought they were trash I would tell y’all, I’m really not about that fakery life, I’m a bad gal riri with this sh*t, #NOFREEPROMOHEAUX but I legit feel like these serums are highly effective, so much so I went ahead and spent my own money, and if you know me, I’m broker (and lowkey stingier) than a Mo’fo, on these serums for my sister, mother and 2 friends so that’s how you know I F*ck with this product HEAVY. So a full bottle of Lilash goes for about £97 and that’s the same for Librow, but you can also purchase the demi sizes. I know this is hella pricey but I think if you can afford it, it’s worth it. You usually start to see results after about 4 or 5 weeks, or at least I did, and I even started getting compliments on my full brows and bomb ass lashes, which is new for me because I swear before this my lashes were legitimately none existent.
I’d rate these serums 9/10.

That’s all for this post, catch y’all on the flip side my homies. Mollz x

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