Sunday, 21 February 2016

Molly's Minuite Musings | Sleek Natural Coverage Foundation

Hey y’all its ya girl mollz and I’m back with yet another Molly’s Minute Musings review and this one I am very excited about. This one is about a product I F*ck with sooooo heavy I’ve repurchased it 6 times; no lie. LET. ME. TELL. YOU. ABOUT. THIS. BOMB. ASS. FOUN-DATION. *Claps on every syllable like the Ratchet-Fantastic Queen I am.* So this may shock some of y’all but this foundation is by sleek. YES, I SAID SLEEK. Sleek, the brand that made you look like an oompaloompa in secondary school, (although that may have been your fault, I think we all had rather underdeveloped blending skills at that stage in our lives) but yes that sleek. This is the Natural coverage foundation and I personally believe it is just that. Gurl. This foundation applies so seamlessly and looks like skin. But not just any skin, that good good glowy, life’s good and my man puts it down on me like a pro on the regular degular type of skin. The type of skin you need in your life.  This skin has a slightly dewy finish, so it leaves you with a fresh faced look, kind of like a satiny finish. I use the colour deep sable which is the darkest shade they do and I’m not gonna lie it’s like 2 shades darker than my actual skin tone but that’s how I like it to be honest. I have so many dark spots on my face I like to just apply a darker foundation because colour correcting is so very long for man. In summer I usually just go forth and use it by itself but in every other season I have to be rational, especially because I’m so much lighter, so I find myself mixing it with my Benefit Hello Flawless foundation for a fantastic medium/buildable coverage mixture. This foundation is so affordable I think it’s a necessity in every one’s collection and honestly if I was a proper MUA, I’d probably carry it in my kit in every single shade.
Rating 9.9/10

That’s all for this one my loves catch y’all on the flip side. Mollz x

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